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Cigar Review: Weller by Cohiba

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Leaf n Grain Society – Weller by Cohiba Cigar Review

Brand: Cohiba
Vitola: Toro
Filler: Nicaragua, Esteli and Ometepe
Wrapper: San Agustin Ligero
Binder: Conneticut Medio Tiempo
Smoking time: 47 minutes
Body: Medium
Flavor: Mild to Medium
Price: $19.99

What Makes it Special

The Weller by Cohiba is a robusto extra 5.5×50 that uses a Honduran ligero wrapper from San Agustín, a Habano medio tiempo binder from Connecticut, and fillers from the Estelí and Ometepe, Nicaragua. This cigar was provided for review.

Visual/Pre-Light Draw

As with many whiskey cigars, it smells very whiskey/booze-forward pre-light. Even after cutting, the draw immediately presents whiskey notes, followed by a sweet grassy earth tone. The wrapper appearance on mine could have been smoother, with a large vein structure, and it appeared drier than I would prefer.

First Third

After light, the first flavors are whiskey, hay from the pre-light draws, and a retro of earthiness. Thankfully, the whiskey subsides around the first inch, and you can pick out more individual flavors on the pallet.

Second Third

Around halfway, the components of Wellers flavor come through with butterscotch,  vanilla, and baking spices in front of the earthiness from before. The draw is traditional for the luxury brand, a fine

 medium to loose draw, causing that dime-stacking effect to the ash with each puff. Smoke generation is above


Final Third

The final third aroma is of baked bread; flavors are earth, vanilla, cream, and a hint of baking spice. The label came off quite easily without disturbing the ash. Even with constant puffing, it won’t burn hot or off-kilter; no touchups or relights were ever needed.


Down to the end, the spice is prevalent, with the notes of the whiskey’s vanilla and butterscotch on the retro. A well-balanced blend that is enhanced by the Wellers whiskey. Scored 87 out of 100, This cigar is at the tipping point of good and excellent, and if you like whiskey-flavored cigars should be in your rotation. At $19.99, the tubo will help transport safely for more special occasions.



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