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Press Release: Inner Circle Domaine Rouge by Cavalier Genève at PCA

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Cavalier Genève
Cavalier Genève

Inner Circle Domaine Rouge by Cavalier Genève at PCA

Cavalier Genève Cigars announces the new Domaine Rouge by Cavalier Genève as regular production addition to its Inner Circle cigar line at PCA this year.

“Domaine Rouge by Cavalier Genève” is a new addition to its brand Inner Circle which first officially showcased during last year’s PCA. Domaine Rouge refers to Cavalier’s factory in Honduras, the Fabrica Centroamericana de Tabaco SA (FCT), which happens to be of red-ish color. As Inner Circle did, Domaine Rouge pays homage to the people that influenced the history of the company; in this case, a tribute to founder Sebastien Decoppet’s father, Pascal Decoppet, who passed away in 2021.

Pascal Decoppet was born in 1956, the date seen on the Domaine Rouge cigar boxes, designed with the aesthetics of classic wines and wineries in mind. In addition to cigars, classic wines also brought Sebastien and his father together. Several other subtle visual references to Pascal can be found on the Inner Circle and Domaine Rouge boxes.

“Like the Inner Circle, which was created as an ongoing tribute to the people that support Cavalier Genève Cigars – some from day one, some as of yesterday, today and for some tomorrow, making every step of the way possible, creating jobs for so many, giving the brand a life of its own, the factory and all its people – the new Domaine Rouge is a legacy and remembrance of my father who I’m sure would have been as grateful as we all are to see Cavalier come so far,” said Decoppet.

Inner Circle Domaine Rouge by Cavalier Genève is made available in four sizes:

  • Petit Robusto, 4.5×50, 24 count cabinet
  • Robusto Grande, 5×54, 24 count cabinet
  • Toro, 6×52, 24 count cabinet
  • Figurado, 6×52, 24 count cabinet

The Domaine Rouge has been created around the following tobaccos:

Wrapper: Habano Jamastran Viso

Binder: Connecticut

Fillers: Habano Jalapa Viso, Paraguay Viso, Habano Jamastran Viso

The Domaine Rouge has a recommended MSRP ranging from $14.10 to $15.40 in the USA.

Cavalier Genève Cigars


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