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Naked Cigars by Kafie 1901™ full line to be released at TPE 2024

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Naked Cigars – Kafie 1901™ full line to be released TPE 2024

(Booth 10069 / SW Wholesale)

Cutler Bay, FL December 29, 2023

Since our move to La Aurora Cigar factory, our company has been producing nearly 8 unique blends of premium cigars all of which contain highly sought after tobaccos aged 4-5 years.  After nearly 2 years of producing our long filler premium cigars, we have been able to set aside the tobacco left over from the production of our premium blends.

This high quality tobacco will serve a unique purpose. It will serve as filler tobacco used in all of our Naked Cigars by Kafie 1901™ bundles.  This is aged, flavorful tobacco makes the blends more intriguing.

Moving forward this will be the only line of bundle cigars that we offer. These cigars will create a unique category in out portfolio, “great smokes at a tremendous value”. Dr. Gaby Kafie states, “in Spanish we have a saying, “que me busquen por bueno y no por barato” The English translation goes as follows … “That they look for us because we are good, not because we are cheap.”  These cigars are meant to be good, not cheap.  When you experience one, you will understand.

The Blends: three unique offerings based on wrapper material.
(All contain 4-5 years aged tobaccos)
Ecuador Connecticut
Habano Natural
Habano Maduro

Filler tobacco includes a mixture of:
Dominican varieties, Mexico, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Honduras, Domincan Andullo, Ecuador Sumatra, Peruvian Pelo de Oro, and Nicaragua varietals.  These are full flavor bundles with an amazing retro-hale experience.

Production is limited to 90,000 cigars a year for 2024 due to the limited availably of tobaccos from the production of our premium cigars.

Offerings will come in the following sizes.

Robusto           5 x 50              msrp    $4.30(each cigar)         $86.00 (bundle of 20 cigars)

Toro                6 x 52              msrp    $4.30(each cigar)         $86.00 (bundle of 20 cigars)

Churchill         7 x 47              msrp    $4.50(each cigar)         $90.00 (bundle of 20 cigars)

Gran Toro       6 x 58              msrp    $4.50(each cigar)         $90.00 (bundle of 20 cigars)

The first shipment is scheduled to arrive at the end of this month, December 2023.  Our company initially did a soft launch of these cigars with a few select retailers across the United States and overseas with Canteros New Zealand.  We have had tremendous feedback from consumers and are now doing a nationwide release by featuring them at the upcoming Total Products Expo 2024 and then at the 2024 PCA Trade Show (both in Las Vegas).

We can’t wait to share them with you all.

About Us:

Kafie 1901 Cigars is a boutique cigar manufacturer founded in 2013 by Dr. Gaby Kafie, a retired physician turned inspiring entrepreneur. Our company embarks on a journey to craft unparalleled experiences in the realms of hand-made premium cigars. With a rich family history in Honduras and Central America spanning over 120 years, we possess a unique understanding of the land, the people, and the craft in an indigenous manner that sets us apart.

At the heart of our enterprise is a profound dedication to quality, reflected in our diverse portfolio of brands:

– Kafie 1901 Cigars®

– Liga de la Casa by Kafie 1901®

– Naked Cigars by Kafie 1901®

– Kafie 1901 Coffee®

For over a century, our family has been unwavering in its pursuit of excellence, meticulously selecting the finest lands, people, processes, and raw materials. This commitment to sourcing the very best extends back nearly 122 years, with each generation building upon the legacy of those who came before.

As we continue this tradition, our family remains devoted to creating highly memorable experiences for aficionados of cigars and coffee worldwide. Guided by the mantra, “When purpose meets passion, the result is excellence,” articulated by our founder Dr. Gaby Kafie.

Embracing the belief that the pursuit of excellence is not just a tradition but a way of life, Kafie 1901 Cigars invites you to savor the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication woven into every cigar and coffee product, embodying the spirit of a timeless legacy.

Thank you,

Dr. Gaby Kafie
Kafie Trading Company, LLC
Dba Kafie 1901 Cigars
Tel # 305-2-55-6368

Mrs. Vivian I. Kafie
Vice President/Administrator
Tel # 305-255-6368


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