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Krup Burr Grinder: Almost a need!

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Krup Burr Grinder: Almost a need!

There are two kinds of grinders the blade grinder and the burr grinder. Blade grinders work like spinning knives, and burr uses grooved metal plates to smash the coffee. Most enthusiasts use a burr grinder because it is more precise and more accessible to control. I started my home coffee exploration with a blade grinder I got very cheaply at the local Target. Blade grinders are still a viable option for those unsure how much they want to invest in coffee. Although the Krups grinder makes a conceiving argument to the contrary,

It is important to note that the intended use is for the house, not a commercial setting. I have had this grinder for three years, and I use it all the time to try all the coffee. I believe it is 48 USD right now as of Dec 12, 2023. Money-wise, it makes a lot of sense for home users because of its abilities. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. The capacity of the hopper and the ability to grind various amounts of coffee is a plus. The range of how fine to how coarse it can grind will provide plenty of precision for most home brewers. The best part is the built-in container to capture the grounds. This compartment is sleek, helps keep the machine compact, and makes dumping grinds easy.

As with everything, there are some downsides. The first downside is that the lid must be all the way down on the hopper for it to grind. Cleaning is a hassle; unplugging the machine, wiping it out, and getting all the cracks and crevices out can be difficult as the hopper does not disconnect from the rest of the machine. If this were changed so the bean hopper could disconnect cleaning would be a breeze. The reason behind cleaning the machine is the oils from different coffees will eventually change the taste of the new coffee being ground. Nothing in this world is perfect, but this machine comes close.


I think it should be in every coffee nerd’s home. The Krups have never needed to be sent in for service or replacement during my ownership, which is a major plus in my assessment. The controls are part of the reason I can recommend this so fervently. They are not intimidating for new brewers and are not so limited that pros will be bored with this machine quickly. This machine certainly enhances every brew I make and eliminates a big variable of grind size on coffee. Meanwhile, a blade grinder can take a lot of work to get a precise and consistent product to brew with. I can say wholeheartedly that if you need a new grinder or are looking to upgrade your current grinder take a serious look at the Krups burr grinder. We’re looking forward to talking with you in the future and exploring the pairings.


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