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Fratello Cigars Launches Concealed Carry Cigars

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Fratello Cigars Launches Concealed Carry Cigars

[Ashburn, VA, March 15, 2024] – Fratello Cigars announces its latest venture: Concealed Carry
Cigars. This collection consists of six small batch productions, each with its own exclusive theme and
blend. Members of the Premium Cigar Association attending next week’s PCA24 CONVENTION &
INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOW in Las Vegas will have an exclusive look at the first release of
the 2024 series which is planned to begin shipping to authorized Concealed Carry retailers on March
23, 2024.

“The reason for creating Concealed Carry Cigars is to portray a period in our history that some would
like to remember, and others forget. We are telling each story with a cigar”. Said Omar de Frias.
Founded by Omar, a former NASA analyst turned cigar aficionado, Fratello Cigars was launched in
2013 with a goal to redefine the cigar experience by blending tradition with modernity. An avid
history enthusiast Omar wanted to invite educated cigar smokers to join him on what he calls “a cigar
journey throughout history”.

The Concealed Carry logo, featuring a chameleon, symbolizes adaptability, resilience, and belonging.
Just as the chameleon seamlessly blends into its surroundings, Concealed Carry Cigars is here to blend and forge connections across a very selected group of retailer members nationwide.

Limited to only (75) Fratello Cigar retailer members nationwide, Concealed Carry grants exclusive
access to limited one-time production blends that have been curated and selected from undisclosed
factories in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Each cigar blend is also undisclosed.

Lovers of small batch limited drops are invited to follow the Concealed Carry journey at to find out where you can purchase these exclusive cigars.
“Every retailer in the United States has patronage from every walk of life. We want to create and
foster a sense of community and education with Concealed Carry Cigars, and we look forward to
seeing everyone at PCA this year.” says de Frias.

The Fratello Cigar team will be presenting Concealed Carry as well as the rest of their 2024 program
at booth #9079 in the Las Vegas Convention Center March 23 through 25, 2024 at #PCA24.


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