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Cigar Review: TIMELESS PRESTIGE by Ferio Tego

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Leaf n Grain Cigar Review – TIMELESS PRESTIGE by Ferio Tego

Timeless Prestige
Timeless Prestige

Brand: Ferio Tego
Vitola: Hermoso 5.5×54
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Wrapper: Honduran Maduro
Binder: Dominican Republic
Flavor Intensity: Medium Bold
Body: Medium Boldness
Price: $11



What Makes It Special

Michael Herklots is easily the sexiest man in the cigar industry, and so are his Ferio Tego cigars. Ferio Tego is the Herklots family motto to “Strike and Defend,” launched by Michael in 2021. When it comes to blending, Michael’s goal is to ensure his cigars’ flavor is “compelling, interesting and satisfying…compelling enough to make you want to take another puff.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael on April 20, 2022, at the Corona Cigar Company & Montecristo Lounge in Lake Mary, Florida. I covered a pairing event featuring Michael’s Elegancia cigar and Dalmore expressions with Whyte & Mackay’s Senior Whisky Specialist, Ben Boice. Micheal is energetic, hilarious but classy, and fully invested in his cigar line. I have personally been enjoying Ferio Tego cigars since. The Timeless Prestige is easily one of my favorite cigars, so the opportunity to review it was a no-brainer!

Michael Herklots
Michael Herklots

Visual / Pre-light Draw

Beautiful shiny medium brown maduro wrapper with lots of oil and very toothy veins. On the side sniff, there is very bold fresh hay that has been recently rained on. The nice shiny gold red and black band displays “TIMELESS” over “Prestige,” with a nice shiny gold secondary band displaying “Exclusively for FERIO TEGO.” The dry foot odor has nice chocolate cereal oat notes, while the dry draw produces faint vanilla and bold oak notes.

First Third

Big leather and oak on the first puff. Fantastic draw with a perfect amount of smoke input and output. Then a nice transition to a nice soft vanilla extract. The cigar’s flavors immediately mellow to creamy smoothness, even on the leathery retro-hale. There are some nice mellow baking spices that arrive going into the second third. The cigar’s even burn has a very strong white ash.

Second Third

Some saltiness coming in, with bolder notes of leather and oak. It has an incredibly smooth retro-hale with nice baking spices and a leathery punch on the finish. That white ash is holding strong, with an even burn still. The consistent notes of creamy leather and oak are enjoyable, and the cigar’s draw opens up nicely. The flavor is very elegant, and the ash finally fell off with dignity approaching the final third.

Final Third

Some nice hints of cocoa coming in. That unique retro-hale becomes even smoother. The cocoa and leather merge into a beautiful chocolate-covered marzipan note. The leather notes reflect a very well-aged tobacco flavor, while its consistent flavors allow the smoker to really settle into the cigar. This creamy leather bomb cigar is unique and satisfies even a well-developed palate. Finally, the finish mellows to nice vanilla notes, and for this cigar, I will “Strike & Defend!”



Handmade by Quesada Cigars in The Dominican Republic, everything about this cigar is next level, elegant, and very well constructed. From start to finish, the cigar’s flavor profile is upfront and remains very consistent throughout the smoking experience. Michael met his goal with this compelling, interesting, and satisfying smoke!





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