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Coffee Review: Summer Moon

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Summer Moon: A Coffee Review

by David Jefferies

Do you want to try a different coffee? Not some flavor-infused coffee or single-origin coffee with very subtle notes. Well, I have an excellent option for you. The coffee from Summer Moon is oak roasted and comes through nicely and amazingly balanced in the end product. However, they are well known for their moon lattes. They are made with moon milk. The exact composition is a secret.

The atmosphere at South Main feels very campground-like. It reminds me of summer at Church camp doing outdoor activities like zipline, campfires, or even as an adult going camping with friends and sitting around the fire. The wood stack with bagged coffee, the forest painting on the wall, and Edison bulbs all help cement this image. Fear not just because they give off a woodsy and adventurous atmosphere. They still have modern conveniences like tables with plug-in options for computers and cell phone chargers. But the best seat in the house is the stationary swing. It reminds the author of the swing on his grandparent’s front porch.

People drinking coffee
People drinking coffee

The recommended drinks are the ½ moon latte, the Chia Tea latte spiced, and the drip coffee. They rotate the house drip. Today it was velvet Blaze, and I am drinking it black but don’t let that stop you from drinking it how you like. The weight on your tongue is medium. It is noticeable but not heavy. No acidity is present, which is excellent for a morning cup of coffee, something I do not want to fight or feel like I’m drinking a cup of vinegar. The most forward notes are cocoa nibs and oakwood. That is what makes this coffee so solid and different. It’s the wood note. It’s not an infusion of smoke notes or relies on notes already present. It takes the wood fire and adds those notes to the coffee, which is phenomenal.

Please do not misread me on the base level. What Summer Moon has done is simple, but the execution and the twist they do makes this shop a home run. As far as competition goes, I don’t know of any. Because they have a niche, coffee shops with flavored products would be the closest thing. Generally, I wouldn’t say I like the simple chemical aftertaste or the underwhelming deliverance of the flavors on infusion coffees.

If you are in Fort Worth, visit Summer Moon, check it out, and give your thoughts. Personally, this is a place I frequent Sundays after church. It is also a great place to work. Note that both locations are hidden, and parking can be challenging. But overall, it is well worth a visit. For me, the ability of these fine baristas to craft fine drip coffee and interesting lattes keeps me coming back.


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