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Cigar Review: United Cigar Group Firecracker

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Cigar Review: United Cigar Group Firecracker

Brand: United Cigar Group
Vitola: 3.5 x 50
Smoking time: 17 minutes
Body: Medium
Flavor: Medium to Full
Price: $6.49

What Makes it Special

An original vitola with a closed foot and a long fuse, meant to set off a fiery explosion of flavor from the beginning. Let’s see how it works out together.

Visual/Pre-Light Draw

Visually the long fuse is dominant though the first thing I remove. I also opted to remove the band already since it is such a short vitola, and I didn’t want to struggle with it later or accidentally burn it. The wrapper is dry in appearance, with visible veins.

First Third

Once lit, a strong pepper hits you first thing as intended. It is especially pronounced on the lips as well, reminiscent of when I’ve done spicy wings challenges. A slight earthiness is present on the cool down.

Second Third

Nothing much to note on the flavor front, there was a bit of an unburnt portion here I corrected, ash holds to the halfway point. I am getting a slight creaminess on the retro.

Final Third

Still just dominant pepper and a slight creamines on the retro. The earthiness on the finish is still there. For its spiciness and the dry appearance of mine it does not force me to drink, which is very welcome. In such a short vitola I’m not surprised there isn’t much happening as far as flavor transitions, however it has lived up to its obvious intent.


I will say this blend is likely not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a quick smoke that will punch you in the throat this will get that job done no problem. I had only the one burn issue, but several others I’ve seen smoke this cigar have had issues that caused them to give up on either the draw or the burn so the construction seems like it may vary for you depending on your climate and how you store the cigar. I cannot dock those points from my experience, but it is something to be noted. Personally I like a quick throat punch after my usual spicy lunch choices, so even with the burn for me this one earns a score of 90 out of 100.



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