PreEvent Excitement: Las Vegas Whiskeyfest 2023

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Since Greybeard and myself are heading to Vegas this weekend for Las Vegas WhiskeyFest 2023 we thought we would post the pour list, inidicate some of you favorites we’re looking forward to trying, then toss it to you, what pours would be on your list? Hit the survey link at the end to let us know what to focus on for YOU!

2023 Whisky Pour List

*Asterisk denotes pours only available during VIP hour

Bernheim Barrel Proof

Blackened WhiskeyGabe “Looking forward to seeing what new playlists have to bring to the table, plus the new lines from this one”
Vol 3 CS
Wes Henderson
Rabbit Hole

Bomberger’s Declaration*

Breckenridge Distillery
High Proof Bourbon
Rum Cask Finish
PX Cask Finish
Port Cask Finish
Spiced Whiskey

10 yr.*

Bushwood Spirits
Charles Goodnight Texas Straight Bourbon
Chivas XV
Compass Box
Artist Blend
Glasgow Blend
Hedonism – Gabe: “Yes”
Orchard House
The Spice Tree
The Story of the Spaniard
The Peat Monster-Whisky Advocate’s #9 Whisky of the Year 2020
Art & Decadence*

Crown Royal
18 yr.*

12 yr. – Whisky Advocate’s #4 Whisky of the Year 2022
15 yr.
18 yr.
19 yr.
Double Double:
21 yr. finished in Oloroso sherry casks*
21 yr. finished in Mizunara oak casks* – Gabe: “YES!”

Diplomático Rum
Reserva Exclusiva
Seleccion de Familia

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
Flecha Azul Tequila
Blanco The Ancer Cocktail

Frey Ranch
Straight Bourbon
Straight Rye
Farm Strength
100% Wheat*
Single Barrel Rye*
Single Malt Smoked*

George Dickel
Bourbon 8 yr.
Bottled in Bond
Dickel x Leopold Collaboration
Rye* – Gabe

Ginza no
Glen Moray
Chardonnay Cask Finish
Cabernet Cask Finish
Sherry Cask Finish
Port Cask Finish
Rye Cask Finish
12 yr.
15 yr.
18 yr. – Whisky Advocate’s #10 Whisky of the Year 2017

Double Barrel
7 yr. Mizunara
Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Wild Botanical Gin
Rose Gin

The Glenlivet 14 yr.


Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond

Heaven’s Door
Ascension Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Revelation Double Barrel
Refuge Straight Rye
Revival Tennessee Straight Bourbon
Bootleg Series V*

iichiko Special

Jack Daniel’s
Tennessee Whiskey
Bonded Tennessee Whiskey- Whisky Advocate’s Whisky of the Year 2022
Bonded Tennessee Rye
Single Barrel Select
Single Barrel Barrel Proof*
Bonded Triple Mash* 

Jefferson’s Ocean Reserve

Johnnie Walker

Kamiki Whisky

Kentucky Owl
Confiscated – Gabe
Takumi Edition
Maighstir Edition
Batch 12*

Larceny Barrel Proof
Lux & Umbra Dry Gin
Martell Blue Swift
Mary Dowling
High Rye Bourbon
Tequila Finish
Double Oak Bourbon
Barrel Strength

Method and Madness
Single Grain
Rye & Malt

Michter’s – Gabe – I might just be camped out at Michters for awhile, I mean look at this list:
Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Kentucky Straight Rye
Sour Mash
American Whiskey
10 yr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon*
10 yr. Kentucky Straight Rye*
20 yr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon*

Middle West Spirits
Straight Wheat
Straight Rye Whiskey
Straight Bourbon
Bourbon Cream – Gabe
Sherry Finished Bourbon – Cask Strength*
Oloroso Wheat – Cask Strength*
Ported Pumpernickel Rye* – Gabe

Minoki Rum


OYO Honey Vanilla Bean
OYO Stonefruit
OYO Barrel-Finished Honey
Vanilla Bean

Parker’s Double-Barreled Blend*

Proof and Wood – Gabe
The Representative Barrel Proof Bourbon
The Senator Barrel Proof Rye
Tumblin’ Dice Heavy Rye Bourbon
The Globe – Polish Rye finished in Rum
Good Day 21 yr. Canadian Whiskey

Ramazzotti Amaro Liqueur

RD1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Finished with French Oak
Finished with Brazilian Amburana Wood
Double Finished in Oak and Maple Barrels

Redbreast 12 yr.

Seven Seals
Sherry Wood Finish
Port Wood Finish
Peated Port Wood Finish
Age of SCORPIO Single Malt* – Gabe

The SG Shochu

Shenk’s Homestead*

suzume Kohaku

Traverse City
Barrel Proof Cherry Bourbon
Barrel Proof Bourbon
Finishing Series 100% Rye finished in Cab Franc casks
Holiday Release/Distiller’s Select Rye

Umiki Whisky
Uncle Nearest
1884 Small Batch
1856 Premium Whiskey
Straight Rye

W.P. Foley II Praedictum Bourbon*

Waterford Irish Whisky
Single Farm Origin
Organic Gaia
The Cuvee
Peated Cuvee
Bio Dynamic Luna

Westland Distillery
American Single Malt Flagship
Garryana Edition 7
Colere Edition 3
Solum Edition 1

Widow Jane
10 yr.
Apple Wood Rye
Paradigm Rye
Lucky 13 (VIP hour only)
Decadence (VIP hour only)
Vaults (VIP hour only)

The Wiseman
Bourbon- Whisky Advocate’s #17 Whisky of the Year 2021

Woody Creek Distillers
Colorado Straight 100% Rye
Colorado Straight Bourbon
Colorado High Rye Bourbon
William H. Macy Reserve Bottled in Bond
Straight Rye 10 yr.

Vim & Petal Dry Gin



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