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Fortaleza y Libre Cigars Announces New Line: INTIMIDADOR

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Fortaleza y Libre Cigars Announces New Line: INTIMIDADOR

Virginia—Fortaleza y Libre Cigars announces its newest addition, the Intimidador. “This addition expands our catalog of blends on the full-bodied and full-strength end of the spectrum. With the recent addition of the Avalanche and now the Intimidador, we have a cigar for every palette,” said Greg Free, President of Fortaleza y Libre Cigars.

The Blend

Full Body/Strength – On the cold draw, the well-aged San Andrés wrapper and ligero from two countries provide a prelude to the strength that follows. At first light, you’ll taste sweet and earthy notes from the wrapper on your tongue as the abundant smoke carries the coffee, earth, and leather notes San Andrés is known for. As you work into the first third, the essence of grassy field and floral notes manifests in the background while the boldness of the blend shines through. The body builds, and the Intimidador reaches its full potential, as you burn toward the second third. If strong cigars make you question your reality, you’ll be feeling it about now. A smooth power in the background emerges as the final third starts, bringing all flavors of this three-country blend to the surface.

If you’re a bourbon fan, lean toward a cask strength or Rye. If you’re a beer fan, a porter stands up nicely against this full-strength bull. And not forgetting our winelovers, we recommend a hearty cabernet sauvignon or malbec.

Positive Customer Impact

We received exceptional feedback from our soft release in the Big Ashes Cigars, Big Ash Box. “I loved how the cigar had a great burn, plenty of tasty smoke and brought flavors that were nuanced and complex. I would buy as many boxes as I could get my hands on as its only going to get better!” exclaimed customer Frank M.

“As the first line to be fully branded with our new name and logo, we are excited to have this full-strength beauty carrying the Fortalea y Libre banner into 2024” Greg Free – President of Fortaleza y Libre Cigars.

On March 17, 2024 Fortaleza y Libre Cigars will officially release the Intimidador at Tobaccology in Haymarket, Virginia, with availability to all our esteemed retail partners at the Premium Cigar Association’s PCA24 in the Boutique Cigar Association Pavilion at Booth number 15111


21 Count Boxes – Available in 44 X 5 ¼ Corona MSRP $8.99 and 50 X 6 Toro MSRP $10.99

Fortaleza y Libre Cigars

Founded in 2018, Fortaleza y Libre Cigars is a Virginia-based company producing Dominican cigars for the U.S. market. The company currently has 8 blends encompassing 20 facings, and with the addition of the Intimidador, continues to expand.

Expected additions to the lineup in early 2024 include a yet-to-be named event exclusive Lonsdale.

For more information on Fortaleza y Libre Cigars: Fortaleza y Libre Cigars is a registered trademark.


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