Steven Day


What is Craft Beer? I’m Steven, I’m 44, and I’m a craft beer addict. Well, that’s how I imagine this starting, but not quite. You see, I haven’t always been into craft beer. It wasn’t until around around 15 years ago I even started to drink beer regularly. Heavy bouts of drinking Budweiser and then Miller had put paid to that! It was then onto JD from there. Which is where I thought it would end. That was all to change one night, with a chance to venture out with a friend who wanted to take us to a very dangerous part of Glasgow, Scotland. So off we went, hoping to return alive! I wasn’t sure. We were offered free beer in a railway arch. I must admit to being concerned! I needn’t have been, as we tried some very nice beers. We’re here some years later, and I’ve had craft beer in just about every major city in the United Kingdom. Also, in Rome. Santorini, too, of all places. The first thing I seek out at a holiday destination (or pretty much anywhere I go) is the craft beer bar, brewery, or taproom. So much so that I’ve opened my own bar with my wife on a small island between Ireland and the UK called the Isle of Man. There is also plenty of whisky, quality rum, and even some cigars. We’re certainly not short of choice in the UK. I’ve also been to Other Half in New York. Ever trip has a story to tell, and they may well follow in the course of these articles. For now, though, what is craft beer? In the UK, there isn’t an easy answer to that. The reason is it doesn’t really have a definition. Beavertown, now 100% owned by Heineken…