relative humidity


Cigar Humidification – Separating Opinion from Science I’ve been challenged to do a piece on cigar Humidification and help us all separate facts, opinions, superstitions, and bad habits from each other. Bring your comments over to our Discord for further discussion: https://discord.gg/EYQ5UVYS  . I’m sure I’ll see a few there after this! Humidity – What is it? The full term that we’ll be looking at is relative humidity, typically expressed as a percentage of a temperature. The reason is that this is not an absolute measure, which would require much more accurate tools to read. So, as temperature changes, the humidity will change relative to the temperature. The chart below will show us some general information, including where mold growth will begin and where you’ll see condensation on surfaces, usually windows, first if your humidor has them. So what is our goal with humidifying cigars? We are attempting to create a microenvironment that most closely resembles the tropical environments where tobacco is processed, aged, and rolled into cigars. The most general rule of thumb is to keep this environment as close to 68%rh and 68*F. We will discuss later why that is and possible exceptions or modifications to this rule, but it is the general best practice. So how do we create that environment? First, we’re looking for a stable environment. Ideally, a spot for your humidor that won’t be receiving direct sunlight, and won’t be directly under an aircon vent or above a floor vent. Best in an internal wall corner. The next thing we need to address is temperature. If you have mini splits and can comfortably keep that room at 68 degrees I envy you, sir! For the rest of us using a portable temperature gauge placing it in that spot and monitoring it a…