Tobaccodoches – October 28th Nacogdoches, Tx The tobacco industry has a long history in Nacogdoches, TX. In 1905, Nacogdoches Cigar Company began producing cigars with tobacco grown right here in East Texas. The soil around Nacogdoches County produced tobacco similar to Cuba, and this area of the country was referred to as the Cuba of the south for the exceptional quality of tobacco grown here. The tobacco industry is actually the reason that the railroad industry came to Nacogdoches, and tobacco continued to be the main export until World War I shifted everything towards cotton to help the war effort. During its heyday, Nacogdoches had multiple cigar factories producing tens of thousands of cigars a week Nacogdoches Cigar Company cigars won several awards during this time and were widely regarded as some of the best cigars available on the market at the time. When we decided to open a cigar store, we wanted to honor the history of the area and those who came before us, so we resurrected the Nacogdoches Cigar Company name and created an annual cigar festival called Tobaccodoches, taken from an article written in the Daily Sentinel in the 1900s. Tobaccodoches is a celebration of fine cigars where cigar smokers can come together and enjoy live music, great food, and excellent cigars from multiple vendors. This year Tobaccodoches will be held on October 28th from 3-8 pm and VIP ticket holders will also have access to a special event with a cigar roller on Friday, October 27th at the Fredonia Brewery. General admission and VIP attendees will receive a grab bag with 10-15 premium cigars and other goodies, and all attendees will get special deals on premium cigars from vendors including Altadis, Drew Estate, Dunbarton Tobacco, Espinosa, Karen Berger, La Flor Dominicana, Oliva, Rojas, RoMa Craft,…