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Whisky Morning Coffee’s Crackshot

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Whisky Morning Coffee’s Crackshot

Located in Tolar, born out of TCU, yes, the one in Fort Worth, TX, Whiskey Morning Coffee by four longtime friends. They gave us some Crackshot to try. Crackshot is a turbo-charged coffee, which means they added extra caffeine to the coffee, a process that I could be better versed on as to the options on how this can be done. The smell of the Coffee in bean form was pure raisin. Ground coffee does not smell different from whole beans. I tried this coffee in a French press and a pour-over, and my initial thought was that this coffee could be improved upon. But here is a more in-depth note on my experience.

The palate of this Coffee has some medium oils, and it has a watery taste with a finish of note of dark chocolate. Ideally, we would get more notes from the coffee like earth notes, tobacco, fruits, or other common tasting notes. Before I get too harsh or one-sided, understand that decaffeination or adding caffeine will change the coffee. But there is a way to keep the caffeine content and flavor. But I am hopeful that these guys can explore and find a way to do that. It is important to stop and say that Greybeard, our editor, and I have different experiences with this coffee, and that is okay. He got more notes and this coffee held his attention longer than it did for me. I think it is important to note this because taste is subjective, and having a second opinion is always nice.

Overall, I would give this example a 4.0 out of 10. But the effort is worth applauding, and I hope my feedback is helpful to deliver the best product available. I believe that Whiskey Morning Coffee is a company that is pushing the envelope and worth applauding all day. I hope they keep up their efforts. It is also essential to support Texas companies, especially young men, pursuing something they are passionate about.

I would do a Maduro cigar like the Undercrown Maduro Dogma for pairings to compliment the chocolate notes or warm the chocolate chip cookie. Again, I hope they continue with this Coffee and try other means to bring whiskey and Coffee together more robustly. Until next time, we invite you to explore the pairings.


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