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Cigar Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada H99

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Drew Estate Liga Privada H99

Drew Estate Liga Privada H99Brand:  Drew Estate Liga Privada
Vitola: Toro
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Pennsylvania
Wrapper: Connecticut Corojo
Binder: San Andress Otapan
Flavor Intensity: Full Flavored
Body: Medium +
Price: $17-$19

What Makes It Special

Drew Estate released the first batch of Liga Privada cigars in 2007 with a four-country blend that included the Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. Thus, the Liga Privada quickly became known as a cult hit for Drew Estate.

President and Founder of Drew Estate, Jonathan Drew, discusses the history represented in the H99: “By creating hybrids of Corojo, the leaf was reborn, keeping all of its spice and potency intact.” Following the revolution in Cuba, the Corojo seed found its way to Florida, Nicaragua, and Honduras, with Hybrids of the Corojo seed giving birth to new seeds we all know and love.

The H99, where the “H” is for Hybrid, takes a page from the other Liga Privada lines with its four-country blend and adds a new chapter with its Connecticut Corojo wrapper, Mexican San Andres binder, and then fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Pennsylvania.

Visual / Pre-light Draw

When picking up the cigar, you will first notice its deep cinnamon color and textured wrapper.  Upon further visual inspection of the cigar, I noticed a uniform cap, tightly packed foot, and firm body.  The aroma of the foot of the cigar presented sweet notes with hints of mint; after a perfect cut, the cold draw showed notes of coffee and cocoa.

First Third

The initial draw opens with pleasant notes of coffee, cocoa, and woodsy notes that had me thinking of either walnuts or chestnuts.  These notes stayed consistent throughout the first third and began to introduce hints of pepper on the retro-hale. With an even burn and white ash, the construction was of high quality from the get-go.

Second Third

Into the second third of the smoke, the notes carried in from the first third with cocoa notes started to intensify upon reaching the midway point of the cigar. Notes of vanilla began to present in the retro as well as in the foot aroma.

Final Third

Coming into the final third finish of the cigar, the cocoa turned to dark chocolate mixed with deep woodsy notes and intensifying pepper that presented itself on the back of the palate.  The burn stayed even and consistent throughout the smoke. While the burn showed signs of canoeing occasionally, it quickly corrected itself without needing touchups.


A cigar with a phenomenal construction, great appearance, and a good body of smoke will always make a great cigar. When combined with a flavor intensity that shows off the tobacco, you have an experience to put in the books to share.







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