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Coffee Review: Coffee by H-E-B The San Antonio Roast

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The San Antonio roast by H-E-B demonstrates two things in a coffee. One is why you should try different roasts of coffee. H-E-B considers this roast as a medium, whereas I would want to call it a dark roast. Another attribute of this particular coffee is the ability to stand alone or with a creamer, such as a heavy cream. I enjoyed this coffee made two ways, as usual, French Press and a Pour-over. Now let’s take a peek through the filter.

HEB San Anton pourover
HEB San Anton pour-over

Some commonalities between the two share the same smoke, cinnamon, and chocolate flavors. This makes it perfect for pairing with sweets like cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and French toast. The finish was almost burnt taste. This coffee has no acidity, which is easy on the stomach and palate.

The French press allowed the flavors to be louder than the Pour-over; thus, the tongue’s weight was more. This is where this coffee is best but also where it needs minute adjustment to be the best. This is where the heavy cream comes in. It tones down the cinnamon, noting a tinge but muting the burnt aftertaste together. The creamer is not a make-or-break deal with this roast but adds to the much-appreciated experience.

Now the Pour-over version of the San Antonio roast, as is typical with Pour-over, was slightly lighter, making a slight difference. The smoke and cinnamon stayed the same, and the burnt aftertaste was somewhat toned down. This version is ok, but I prefer it less than when made in a French Press. The Pour-over is too muted and does not allow the same adjustments as the French press, which keeps it from being the optimal version of this coffee.

This coffee would be great early in the morning or as an evening social coffee. Again a great pairing option would be a sweet pastry. The non-existent acidity makes it perfect for these times and events because it will not make you sick. This coffee is a versatile tool for events and would be a great addition to the collection. It proves that store-brand coffee as a great daily sipper is achievable. It shines the brightest in the French Press. As always, let us know your feedback, and come along and explore the pairings.


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