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Choices, Choices, Choices, which Summer Coffee to choose and for whom.

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Choices, Choices, Choices, which Summer Coffee to choose and for whom.

We are almost out of Summer 2023, but here in Texas, at least, we still have a good amount of heat coming our way. So this would be an excellent chance to discuss cold coffee options. Fortunately, we are not the first to traverse the question of how to have coffee in these blazing temperatures. This is a comparison to guide your choices. Two things that are important for consideration are caffeine and taste. Caffeine is not an intuitive variable to consider when drinking coffee. However, when you consider the fact that caffeine dehydrates you in the context of summer, it makes sense.

Iced coffee in a tall glass
Iced coffee in a tall glass

Iced coffee is the easiest to start with because of its similarity with hot drip coffee. It is also the easiest to start making at home. I learned how to make iced coffee by increasing your coffee dosage, decreasing water, and brewing over ice. This results in a similar taste to hot coffee and equivalent amounts of caffeine. It is typically less complex than hot coffee, but that might be a worthy sacrifice for you in the summer. It is cheap, readily accessible, and very approachable for those who do not drink cold coffee often. The way I typically make iced coffee is with cream and cane syrup.

Cold brew is made with coarse ground coffee beans and water and typically has a longer brew time, typically about a day. How much coffee and water to use at home is going to be something you play around with and see what you like. It may require more accessories than iced coffee but less than nitro cold brew. Black Rifle Coffee Company has a cold brew kit for those unsure if you want to do this frequently at home. This kit is inexpensive, low mess, and a great way to see if you want to dive more into cold brew. The caffeine in cold brew and nitro will be higher than in iced coffee because it brews longer. Typically the notes will be bolder over an iced coffee. It is served best over ice. I usually make my cold brew while working for Black Rifle and do a draft latte with Carmel and heavy cream or white chocolate and almond milk. So, I use it as a base to build with. But there is one way I enjoy cold brew: Nitro cold brew.

Nitro Cold Brew is made the same as cold brew but infused out of the tap with nitrogen gas. This limits the accessibility of this drink, with most examples being in a coffee house. Now why does this mad science experiment exist? Excellent question, The nitrogen gas gives the cold brew a creamer and smoother taste, as well as keeps the temperature low. Typically it is served without ice and black. But don’t be afraid to ask for it how you want it. If you have hesitated to try it before this, please go by your local coffee shop and taste it.


cold coffee you choose depends on how you want to drink it and how much caffeine you want. Drinking coffees in these styles offers the consumer the coffee taste, feel, and comfortability without the commitment to a surgery smoothie-like drink. They are also customizable, so you can go for as sweet or as standard as you like. Please let this be the catalyst for your cold coffee adventures, and if you have a favorite already, don’t hesitate to let us know. And, as always, explore the pairings.


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