Rojas KSG Lancero Cigar Review

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Rojas KSG Lancero Cigar Review

Noel Rojas has established himself as the King of the Small Gauge regarding cigars. He has several vitola and blends already in his line, including the Statement and Bluebonnet. When I heard he was releasing a new cigar for his reputation namesake called the KSG, I knew I had to try it.

The King of Small Gauge cigar (KSG) is a Lancero in shape and Maduro in type. The KSG opens up with a sweet hint of chocolate with the first dry draw and draw. This flavor is only enhanced with my first retro draw, which was around my fourth draw of the stick. Throughout the entire post, I picked up on the chocolate’s sweet notes and some floral notes about halfway through the smoke.

When a cigar presents a change in aroma note and s, and you can pick it up on your pallet, you know that you have a complex stick from a master blender. Noel has lived up to his reputation as a blender and a roller with this particular blend. Because it is a Lancero, a small gauge only brings out that flavor sooner and is more robust than larger gauges.

The KSG lasted for over an hour, and in the last third of the stick, I noticed that the flavor began to shift to your standard leathery, earthy notes, but also with a bit of spice which is a great way to finish a smoke.

My pairing for this smoke was with a George Dickel small batch Tennessee Whiskey, which complimented the sweet notes of the cigar for an enjoyable experience. If you have never had the opportunity to enjoy a Rojas Cigar, then I encourage you to check out Underground Cigar Shop.


I recommend adding the KSG by Noel Rojas to your collection and trying out the rest of Rojas Cigars to grow your group and pallet.



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