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Leaf n Grains Top 5 Cigars for 2023

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Leaf n Grains Top 5 Cigars for 2023

The top number of anything is a subjection effort, whether the Top 100, Top 25, or the Top 5.  Even Billboard Top 100 ultimately remains subjective. Granted, several variables, statistics, and demographics will be considered in the final results. The end results will ultimately be subjective.

Each year, we at Leaf n Grain come up with our own individual Top 5. This year, we are doing it a little bit differently. While we still have our individually chosen Top 5 cigars, we will present the first annual Leaf n Grain Society Top 5 Cigars for 2023 this year.

The process of ending up with only five cigars was a challenging task. First of all, Ash Red and I both likely smoke over 1000 unique cigars each year. So that you know, there are 12 of us on the team. Ultimately, we ended up with 55 distinct cigars on our list that Ash Red, Spiceman (Matt), and I were tasked with narrowing down to just five.

The Leaf n Grain Society’s Top 5 Cigars are as follows–In no particular order:

  • Ohana Nui Pulse
  • Foundation Knight Commander
  • Luciano Maria Lucia
  • Apostate The Zarahemla
  • Micallef Black

To find out which of these is the Leaf n Grain Society #1 Cigar for 2023, you’ll have to tune into our show, Wednesday Night 12/27/2023, at 7 pm CST on YouTube / FB / or right here on this page.

Oh, before I forget, here are the Top 5 cigars for 2023 from the Leaf n Grain Society team members.

David Jefferies
Surrogates 7th Sam,
Plasencia Seconds
Plasencia Alma Fuerte
Luciano Ninja
Ohana Nui Left-Handed
Chris Coulter
Casa 1910 Lucero
All Saints Solamente
Luciano Maria Lucia
DTT Saka Cigar Dojo Sobremesa Wagashi
Alfonso No4 Extra Anejo
Joe Gulino
The Educator by Ancestry
Don V Maduro by Oscar
SP10 Black – Sanj Patel
Don Patron Pro – Lampert
Act 1 – Noble Cigars
Dave Yancey
Apostate  The Zarahemla
Micallef Experience
Luciano Maria Lucia
Karen Berger 25th
Bella Dama Queen
Ernest Foy
Maria Lucia
Flores Y Rodriguez Connecticut Valley Reserve
Oliva V 135 Anniversary
Leaf by Oscar
262 Revere
Gabriel Seamen
Liga Texas Reserva
Romeo y Julieta Book of Love
Viaje 15th gold
Luciano Maria Lucia
Olivia Series V 135th
Ash Red
Foundation – Knight Commander
Luciano – Dalay
Apostate – Feathered Serpent
Cavalier – Inner circle
Foundation -Olmec
Matt Harris
Mil Dias
Espinosa Knuckle Sandwich Habano
OSOK Cabronsito Habano
Ohana Nui Pulse
Warfighter Victory
Zach Goudy
Liga Privada 10 Seleccíon de Mercado
Joya De Nicaragua Cinco de cinco
Blackened Cigars “M81” by Drew Estate
Rojas Breakfast Tacos Toro
Micallef Black
Southern Draw Rose of Sharon
Ohana Pulse
Hiram & Solomon Entered Apprentice
Montecristo White Series
Steven Day
Perdomo 20th anniversary Maduro Robusto
Perdomo Connecticut 20th Anniversary edition Robusto
Rocky Patel Disciple Robusto
LCDH H.Upmann connoisseur
Aging room Quattro Nicaragua Maestro
Jeremy jack
Night Shift
Black star line SILVER BACK
Luciano Ninja




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