Dave "Greybeard" Yancey

WSET Spirits Sommelier , WSET Wine Sommelier , Bourbon Steward, Cigar Sommelier

I smoked my first cigar in April of 92. I was with some friends and one of our friends brought to us some “Cubans” he brought back with him from a mission trip he took. We were sitting out on our back porch, lit up, and well the rest is history. I knew I was hooked.

Nearly 28 years later I came upon what is now is my passion and that is pairing cigars. My first pairing that I can remember where it had an impact on the over all experience was a La Aurora Rube with a Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale.  The way the flavors complimented each other opened up my eyes to the possibilities.

Now here, 2 years later, I find myself focusing on exploring all the pairings I can find, learning all I can about Cigars, Whisk(e)ys, Wines and so much more. My desire, my goal, my dream is to build Leaf n Grain Society as a community and platform to share this passion with all who enjoy cigars.


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