Wine Review


Chateau Purcari — Freedom Blend Tribute Edition “The heart of Georgia, the terroir of Moldova, the free spirit of the Ukraine.” 65% Saperavi, 20% Rara Neagra, 15% Bastardo Indigenous grape varieties from each nation: Saperavi— Georgia— late ripening, high yield, high altitude, hardy grape Bastardo (cross of Trousseau & Saperavi)- -Ukraine Rara Neagra— Moldova Aged for 12 months in French oak barrique Color- ruby Viscosity- high Nose- leather, ripe red berries, Acid- low medium Body- medium Tannin- soft, medium Flavors of overripe strawberries, blackberries, vanilla The History At the end of the 12th century, the region surrounding the Moldovan village of Purcari and the Agon Zograf monastery vineyards were already recognized as favorable land for viniculture. This land, being in the heart of the special terroir, made Moldova’s wine industry a major sector of Southern Europe’s economy.  French settlers recognized similarities with Bordeaux in France in climate and soil. They then partnered with the monastery and began producing special vintages from Purcari in the 18th century. In 1827,  Emperor of Russia Nicholas I issued a special decree that gave Purcari special status as the first specialized winery in Bessarabia. It took two decades for Purcari to win its first gold medal in the competition. The Paris World Expo saw Negru de Purcari win its first gold medal in the International Exhibition, surprising French wine experts with a dry wine with an intense ruby color that was NOT from Bordeaux. For a long time after this, Purcari wines were as popular as wines from Burgundy or Bordeaux, being served to European Royalty such as Emperor Nicholas II, King George V, and Queen Victoria of Great Britain. In 1950 (after World War II), Purcari entered a new era with the Moldovan winemakers restoring classic production techniques. Wineries were rebuilt, new…