Matt "Spiceman" Harris

My name is Matt Harris aka “The Spice Man”

I have always had a passion for food and pairings. From a young age I loved to cook. My Grandfather introduced me to a grill and that’s were it all began. Later in Boy Scouts, I was introduced to Dutch oven/outdoor cooking, this became my main influence in bringing back rustic cooking. As my journey continued, I became highly influenced by the science behind the food we eat. In 2007 I completed my degree in culinary arts, and it has helped launch my passion forward. I dove deep into why we eat what we do and how certain foods are made. My goal is to give everyday foods life to inspire the senses. After taking the advice of a dear brother, I poured my time and passion into a spice blend that took 7 years to develop and make sure it represents both my knowledge of flavor and quality of ingredients. In January of 2019 I launched Sword & Shield Spice Blends. I have started with 2 blends: my Original and Spicy styles. Hence, the name Spice Man came to be.

During my college years I was introduced to the world of craft beer and cigars. I took my culinary knowledge and pushed forward into these vast worlds of flavor. I have actively sought after new breweries since 2007. I have made it my goal to understand different brewing practices and techniques that bring new and amazing flavors to the market. During this same time period I started my cigar journey. As with most, I started with Monte Cristo, Arturo Fuente, H. Upmann, and many others. It wasn’t until I found what I called home with Perfecto Cigar Shop and Lounge that my eyes were opened to so many other brands on the market. When Perfecto closed, I thought I wouldn’t find another cigar “home” until I walked through the door of Underground Cigar Shop and Lounge. This is where I was introduced to “boutique” cigars, and it forever changed my life.

Through these years of discovery and tasting I have found a deep desire to pass on this knowledge to others and help develop a new generation of educated consumers. I urge anyone that has the slightest interest in anything that Leaf n Grain has to offer please reach out to myself or any of the other co-owners for we all have the same passion to teach a new world of educated consumers.