Cigar Traveler – Zach

Kentucky-born Texas Raised, I started smoking cigars back in 2000. I Love the relaxation that comes with the cigar and the atmosphere that comes with the aroma. My go-to cigars are ones with peppery notes, and I love Churchill for a nice long smoke. My adoptive father introduced me to cigars, and the fellowship that came along with it connected me to the lifestyle of the cigar lounge. On a typical day, you will find me smoking a Nica Rustica Kuba Grande or a Tabernacle Churchill. I met Greybeard in 2018 at a Christian event that allows cigar smoking. We became fast friends. In 2022, I joined Leaf N Grain and started doing shop stops and helping with networking for cigar shops and cigar manufacturers. I love getting smokes with the staff of Leaf N Grain because we are not only friends and co-workers but we are also family.