Ash Red

Ash RedMy cigar journey began 25 years ago as a young adult. I was in a relationship with an active military member in the Navy who enjoyed smoking cigars. I asked him if I could try his cigar and that is when my journey with cigars started.

Along this journey, I have been able to create memories or rather precious moments and have found that while smoking a cigar oftentimes, will bring back a memory of another time in my life. Once when enjoying a cigar, a memory of my child hood with my Grandfather while spending time with him on his farm came to mine. Some of my most precious moments are when I have the opportunity smoke cigars with my adult sons. We enjoy conversations about life, and I get to teach them about cigars, drinks, and food. I want to create an unforgettable experience that enhances the cigar.

Pairing is essential when smoking a cigar. As one of the Co-Founders of the Leaf n Grain Society, we appreciate exploring the joys of cigars with drinks and food. Every Wednesday night on Instagram, my partner and I host a show called “The Twisted Pair” where we experiment with different avenues that our viewers challenge us, or we challenge each other with a pairing from the previous week. I have been surprised with some of the missions that were before us, such as a sipping tequila, a flight of scotch, candies, and wine. This has exposed me to trying different things to pair with my cigar. One of my favorite pairings is Guilaume Gonnet Le Virtuose Lira, sour gummy worms, and a White Series Cavalier. I have also enjoyed pairing and an OSOK Cigar, chocolate cinnamon roll, and a White Chocolate Latte. I recognize that the pairing I do are unconventional, however, I have found that they have been the most pleasurable. “The Twisted Pair” and Leaf n Grain Society has only added to my beautiful cigar adventure.

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